Saturday, April 19, 2008

UP Trip Continues

Well the UP trip has continued to bring good luck and weather. I am up in the Tahquamenon Falls -Whitefish Point area. Unbelievable the number of hawks gathered here for the big jump over Lake Superior. Also, I visited the Tahquamenon Falls today. Unbelievable the amount of water going over the falls. This is the spring snowmelt runoff. Since everthing else is still brown and because I could I decided to try an abstaction.
Then I tried getting some photos of hawks. But as so often happens I found something else to photograph. A Northern Flicker was kind enough to pose for me. Actually, this took about 1 hour or more of mostly standing still. Not much on bird identification but believe that this is a female as it lacks a mustache. Been up since 5:00 this morning and got a pretty good sunrise over Lake Superior. Will try for a sunset over the Lake this evening. Hope that the good weather holds out for another day or so. Comments are always welcome.

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