Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Day of January

Thank goodness January is coming to an end. It has been an endless progression of snowstorms and cold temperatures. For those who think that man-made global warming is real think again. The average January temperature here was almost 6 degrees below average and snowfall is at a near record pace this winter.

Still not much to photograph this winter as far as scenery goes, so I am trying to get better with birds. Quite the day today. As I went out on my back deck with a bag of birdseed, a pine siskin landed on the bag which I was holding. Then, while photographing all of the birds suddenly flew off. One or two may have hit the window on the house. As I turned to look a hawk flew in. It was obviously looking for a meal from the injured birds. Just as quickly as the hawk flew in it flew off. I went to investigate and found a pine siskin face down in the snowbank. I picked it up and kept it in my warm mitts for awhile. Eventually, it got over the shock and flew off. I then saw another siskin in the snowbank. Unfortunately, it had been there awhile and was frozen. I caught a few good images off of the deck and then it was off to try again to photograph the snowy owl. After playing a game of cat and mouse with the owl not wanting me too close this is the best that I could get. The white at the bottom is the snow which is blowing in a fierce wind.

This may be my last time I see the snowy this winter. What a magnificent bird.

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