Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tulip Time in Holland

Just returned from a trip to Holland, Michigan for the annual "Tulip Time". I had a great time, and I think I got a few good images to share. The first is the yellow tulip with dew. The dark background was mostly courtesy of the sun only catching the tulip on the top of the tulip beds. I should thank the folks at the Veldheer Tulip Gardens. They let me in early on Saturday, before the wind picked up, the dew dried and the crowds arrived. They were super friendly and their gardens are beautiful.

The sunset was taken at the Grand Haven Pier. Not much in the way of clouds while I was there. I was hurrying to change lenses as the sun went down. Yes, those are birds in the image to the lower right. It was really cold out by the water, even though it is now May.

The next image is a 13-lined ground squirrel with which I shared a campsite for 2 nights. I don't think that the squirrel was screaming. I think it was belching because I fed it a few peanuts. People must have thought I was nuts sitting there photographing the grass. There were 2 squirrels in the area and one almost ran right over my leg.

Finally, for this first blog post from Holland, is another tulip close-up. I did not put any water on these as the photos were taken very early in the morning. I will hopefully be posting more of these images on the blog. Eventually, they will make their way to my galleries on my website.

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SNiedzwiecki said...

The photo of the ground squirel makes me laugh out loud, Tom! And the other images are just great - looks like you had a fantastic weekend outing.