Saturday, June 30, 2007

Visit the Elk Rapids Show

I will be showing my images at the Elk Rapids Art and Craft Show on July 21. I will have prints including images not yet web posted as well as greeting cards featuring my images.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Weather Watching

An important part of nature and landscape photography is the weather. Not really whether it will be hot or cold. Sunny or cloudy of course determines the amount of natural light. Landscapes with skies included need to have clouds of interest. I prefer dramatic clouds if I am going to include the sky. Often I work to enhance the clouds with a polarizing filter.

Of course sometimes the weather works out just right. The image in my gallery of the Sturgeon River was taken on a rainy, foggy 4th of July. This was perfect for a slow shutter speed which I wanted to blur the water. I even added a polarizer on the lens to enable use of an even slower shutter speed. It also allowed for fewer dark shadows and bright spots as I found at the same location the day before. Fog is one element that I would like to include in more images.

Thanks again for checking out my website and images. Any comments are more than welcome.

Tom Haxby