Sunday, December 30, 2007

Heaven's Eyes

This is new having just been taken today (December 30, 2007). This time of year, whenever there is a chance to see sunlight I grab my camera and head out. So, after hiking around along the Boardman River and not seeing anything that I wanted to shoot (photographically that is), I headed for Lake Michigan. It was a nice day for a drive - the roads were mostly free of ice and snow for a change. That and the temps. for this time of year were pretty good. I was not sure that I would find anything inviting at the beach, but lo and behold heaven's eyes were beaming down. Of course I had to avoid getting the the footprints in the snow in my image. That makes it doubly tough to get a good composition. Using a 3 stop GND (graduated neutral density) filter to hold back some of the light in the sky and a +1 EV this is close to what I saw.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Platte River at Lake Michigan

Here is another image from Christmas Day. It is the Platte River as it empties into Lake Michigan.

New Images

Season's Greetings everyone. This is a difficult time to get good photographs in Northern Michigan. There are very few hours of daylight and very few days that are not cloudy and gray. I had hoped for some sun peeking through the clouds on Christmas Day so I headed to the Lake Michigan Shore. Here are a couple of the images that I got. I will try again when the light is better. These have potential with the right light. Here is the Point Betsie Lighthouse overlooking Lake Michigan.