Sunday, December 30, 2007

Heaven's Eyes

This is new having just been taken today (December 30, 2007). This time of year, whenever there is a chance to see sunlight I grab my camera and head out. So, after hiking around along the Boardman River and not seeing anything that I wanted to shoot (photographically that is), I headed for Lake Michigan. It was a nice day for a drive - the roads were mostly free of ice and snow for a change. That and the temps. for this time of year were pretty good. I was not sure that I would find anything inviting at the beach, but lo and behold heaven's eyes were beaming down. Of course I had to avoid getting the the footprints in the snow in my image. That makes it doubly tough to get a good composition. Using a 3 stop GND (graduated neutral density) filter to hold back some of the light in the sky and a +1 EV this is close to what I saw.

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hcn420 said...

Hey Tom,

This is a beautiful image!! I love the light you captured and how inviting & peaceful it looks. Great shot!!!

- Holly