Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally in the Smokies

I have been in the Smoky Mountains for the last two days. Mostly spent along the creeks. Fall color this year is not great. I did get a couple of photos that I like. The one on the right was unexpected. As I was headed to Cades Cove I spotted this scene next to the road. Seems that this is a well known site to photographers. The lighting was almost perfect and I used a polarizer to enhance the color and allow a little blurring of the water. Plans are to head to Cades Cove tomorrow - weather permitting.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Headed to Smokies

Thanks to everyone who purchased images from me at the Kingsley Craft Show. It was great too meeting everyone. I am now headed for my next photo adventure - my favorite place to photograph - the Smokies Mountains. I am drawn to the beautiful streams, mountains, and sheer beauty of the Southern Appalachians. Especially Big Creek which leads to Midnight Blue Hole, Mouse Creek Falls. Doubtful that there will be any fall color this year. Several years ago I visited on the same week in October and the colors were spectacular. From what I can tell this year is colors will be later. I can only hope to capture some of the beauty. I will post more later.