Sunday, November 18, 2007

Red Barns and Beaches

Some days are just meant to be photography days and today was one of them. November light can really be special in Northern Michigan. The low sun angle combined with patchwork clouds makes for soft light and dramatic skies. Using the morning light I captured this photo of a red barn near Traverse City. I go by this spot quite frequently. Usually there are cows in front of the barn and I was hoping that would be the case again this morning. Alas, they were out in the pasture. This evening found me over at the Sleeping Bear Dunes along the Lake Michigan shore. Surprisingly the wind was hardly blowing and it felt rather warm for mid-November. The light was good and I like the image that I got. I will however probably hope for another chance to get even better skylight and light on the dune in the background. Maybe next year. Winter is just around the corner and although it can be beautiful on the lakefront in winter, the conditions are usually extremely harsh. Fingers, toes and camera batteries do not last too long when it gets like that. . When the winning image from the Picture Your Place Contest is web published I will provide a link to it. It is however, the image that is on the home page of my web site. Questions or comments are always welcome on my blog.

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Anonymous said...

Wow ! the second photo, i like it !