Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lake and Sky

I have been somewhat lax in posting new images. Not that I have not been shooting a lot of images. If anyone actually visits this blog I am always happy to get feedback. Well, here is one that I caught several weeks ago. This was taken over Lake Michigan from the Sleeping Bear Dunes. This was part of a line of storms that rolled in off the lake. I got a little of the rain, but not the lightning or hail which came later. The little bit of the lake is hopefully enough to anchor the image and to give it context.


Mr. Woodcock said...

I sure would like to be able to set that as my screen background. It's a beauty! What can I do to get a non-pixelated larger copy? Are these for sale?

SNiedzwiecki said...

This is a seriously COOL photo, Tom! Nice work, as always.