Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Smokies Trip Post 2

The trip to the Smokies has been good and bad. I have gotten a few good images which is the good. The other good was getting the chance to watch a group of 4 river otters as they swam and dashed over the rocks along Big Creek. The bad is that I hurt my back which hampered my shooting, the weather has been too bright and the fall colors are not much in evidence this year. Here is another sunset photo from Clingman's Dome. This was taken long after the sun had gone down.

I also spent a little time along Big Creek on the east side of Smoky Mountain National Park. This is where I saw the river otters. They were checking me out and were a bit of a pleasant distraction from my landscape photography routine. Here are the 4 Otters. Not the best of images because it was a little dark, and the otters move around so quickly.

Finally, this is the sunrise looking west from Clingman's Dome.